Five inspiring ideas to help you take action

Five inspiring ideas to help you take action and make up your own mind about new year's resolutions

It’s mid January and you’re already having a hangover reading about the good resolutions to take in 2019. Resolutions can be a great way to help you moving forward and take action but they also have to come from your heart and not as another tick on your to-do list. For any new resolution to work it has to come from you, you want to be aligned with it, feeling that it will make a real difference for you and not just a learned lesson from someone else.


Here are 5 inspirational ideas to help you move into action and decide of their relevance towards new years’ resolutions.

Start a morning routine

Get up 20 to 30 minutes earlier than usual, and create a morning routine, with meditation, journaling and affirmations to start your day with greater energy and more focused intentions. I am not saying that having 30 minutes less sleep will be easy but giving yourself space to be with yourself, not to rush up and thinking kids, breakfast, laundry load or food shopping. This moment in time will be only about you, focusing purely on yourself with no guilt and (hopefully) no interruption. Once you start and get into the habit of it, you can add stretches or make exercise part of it, whatever works for you, write down how you feel, do you notice a difference?

Here are some books to help you start

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

This book is a quick read, even quicker if you listen to it, it will give you a framework of where to start with your morning routine.

My Morning Routine: How successful people start every day inspired by Benjamin Spall

Another great book to help you start and stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning with ideas for your morning routine.

The 5am Club by Robin Sharma

I’ve just started reading this one, and haven’t got to the nitty gritty of being part of the 5 am club yet! If your morning routine is working well you might be inspired to go even further and get up earlier to give you the opportunity to accomplish more in the quietness of the morning.

Listen to Glenn Close Golden Globe Thank you speech

In her winner’s speech Glenn Close talks about her mother who had devoted her whole life to her husband, when she reached 80 she said to her daughter “I haven’t accomplished anything in my life”. Glenn encourages all of us women to follow our dream. Go and listen to her speech it will surely give you the willpower to take action! Watch it here.

Start exercising, get moving

Yoga, pilates, running, cycling what ever makes you tick start today. Moving your body will help you get into action, exercise is another set of discipline that will help get focused, taking the right decisions and if you can’t do it by yourself, book a personal trainer, no excuses he or she will push you to the limits until you can find your own ground and motivation.

As in my post from last week, make yourself a promise to become this person you truly are, stop apologising for it, hiding, you’re so much more than you think, you just have to believe it and take action!

Tell me in the comments what inspired you most and helped you to take action.

Rachel xx