Feeling the September blues? Focus on what makes you happy

Feeling the September blues? Focus on what makes you happy

I'm back and it feels like yesterday when I was announcing that I was going on a summer brea September is already here! I hope you had a wonderful summer, enjoyed the best summer of all time in the UK and are ready to take the next step in your life!

I felt spoilt during my break, incredible weather, travel to Portugal, lots of Al fresco dinners! What about you?

Feeling the September blue focus on what makes you happy!

September brings a lot of mixed feeling though, while I love the idea of starting working on new photography projects, new learnings and meetups, I always feel sad having to give up on Summer. I'm a summer girl, and I love the heat, enjoy the sunshine, spending days lazing on a beach or the pool, going to the market to buy fruits and veg, having al fresco dinners. So having to give up all of that makes me sad really. The shorter days and the colder temperature scream autumn, I always need an adjustment between summer and autumn that's why I'm planning a work trip to Phoenix Arizona soon to make the summer last a few more days.

How do you feel about having to give up on summer? We can't change much about the issue and have to adapt. I guess what makes it difficult to give up is on everything that embodies summer, also the back to work feeling, being stuck inside and attached to a desk. You know what? It doesn't have to be!

Despite the cooler temperature and the days getting shorter we can continue to create similar experiences that will give us that novelty feel.

Experiences are what matter the most 

Here is some inspiration to help you get through the September blues


A cup of coffee

Sounds simple but have a cup of coffee at your favourite coffee shop, sit outside while the weather still allows for it and watch the world go by. Do it before or after work, it such a nice way to switch off and get the feeling that you're sitting in Rome or Paris, away from the daily routine. 

Swim in open waters

Are you crazy? No, I am not, swimming in open water is not only a great way to exercise it also gives you a sense of freedom that swimming in a pool doesn't. Embrace the quietness, the stillness, let yourself afloat, and embrace this meditative moment. You will still get this feeling even wearing a wetsuit. Find a list of open swimming venues here

Book a special get away with the family

While your mind feels in a slump, give it some "looking forward feel" booking your ski or summer holidays well ahead. It will avoid you the last minute stress and hassle and keep you focused on a goal that might help lift your spirits up!

Start something new

While September means the end of summer it is also the symbol of starting anew, September is the new "new year". Take this opportunity to sign to these cooking or Spanish classes you've always dreamed of starting, if you've been stuck in a rut for too long take a big step and book a life coach to sort yourself out.

Celebrate these new beginnings and visualise the "New You", imagine yourself speaking Spanish fluently, being a wiz in the kitchen or finally taking these dramatic life changes that you deserve, no more looking back!

How does that sound?

Rachel xx