Embrace who you are

I wish someone had told me "embrace who you're" when I was in my twenties it would have saved me a lot of time worrying, thinking "I would like to be like this girl, more of that, not enough of this, not happy with my lot", always moaning and comparing myself instead of appreciating what was in front of my mirror. 

I let the mean girl inside me like Melissa Ambrosini calls her, do a lot of the talking! So today my post is to help you embrace who you are, this unique human being and stop the nasty gal, do the talking inside you. 

You are enough!

You are enough!

What does embracing who you are mean? It means getting rid of all the nasty voices inside you, telling you, you're too fat, too old, not clever enough, not educated enough, all the farandoles of the not good enough. Let's stop for a minute. Even if you want to stop them they will still be there but what you can do is reinforce the opposite messages to counterbalance these voices.

Take pen and paper and write down what makes you unique, how do you feel about yourself? Your combination of learning and experiences make you unique, your body, your hair colour, unless you've got an identical twin there's only one of you. You should be your best friend, not your worst enemy!

And don't tell me you can't find anything good about yourself, forget about your job, being a mum or else, think about YOU and how you've stood up against all odds. It’s like how did I survive teenage-hood and the boys that called me fat when I was 10 years old, who did they think they were, what gave them the right to treat me this way?? They were just poor sods, too mean and too jealous of not getting my attention. Most of the time when you receive limiting or nasty comments it has nothing to do with you!

Go back in time at this precise moment where you felt free to be yourself, didn't have to worry about your next job, finding a husband, this could be interpreted by a moment in your life, like having dinner Al' Fresco somewhere close to the sea, hiking a mountain. How did these moments make you feel what was great about it, and why did you feel so good? 

Once you've found why you felt so good about it, try to define it, was it a sense of accomplishment i.e climbing a mountain, as a sense of well being having wonderful food, enjoying the moment. These little snippets will give you a lot of information about yourself, who you are as a person and how to treat yourself.

These insignificant details tell you that you’re a champion at persevering, you didn't give up midway climbing the mountain. One cheer! You enjoyed your very special moment having al fresco dinner, you treated yourself nicely, one cheer for celebrating yourself and deserving the best in your life. You see how easy it is to find little moments of celebrating YOU and the beautiful YOU. Write them down and celebrate yourself every day.

PS. Share in the comments what stops you for embracing yourself a 100%!