Embrace Change, don't be afraid

Although change is inevitable, it took me a long time to embrace it. I was always on the nostalgic side of things, wishing I could go back in time to live through the same emotions and moments that made me so happy. We all know, no such idea exists; life is moving fast, nothing stays the same. You can either embrace change or live in constant fear of it.  I choose the former rather than the latter and wish it didn't take me so long to accept it, although better now than never. 

Embrace change don't be afraid

How are you coping with change? Some people seem to be dealing with it, much better than others; they embrace it in a more natural way.  I guess the reasons could be due to a variety of things, the type of family you've been raised in for example; I have a grandmother who has been avoiding change at all costs, all her life and I am sure it had an impact somewhere!

Unexpected ways to change

Sometimes you also have to accept change due to health reasons or life circumstances. It happened to me last year. Can you imagine a bread lover like I was, raised and born in France where bread is an institution having to give up on bread, dairy and other goodies for my health?  I couldn't and would have never imagined, even for a minute! Before I had to give up bread, I met up with a friend who chose to embrace the gluten-free diet, at the time I thought for myself, this will never happen to me; I will never be able to give up on the baguette. Ironically this is what happened a year later! I have given up on the baguette and all other wonderful croissants, more than a year ago now, do I miss it? Of course! I also do feel better though and realised that something I thought was utterly impossible is possible.

What is your next challenge?

What in your life is currently holding you back? You know you should take this next step but have given up for what seems a much more comfortable situation? Be honest comfort is not going to take you anywhere,  take the bull by its horns and frankly look at what needs changing.

Maybe it's time to change career direction? Have a frank look at your relationship or the lack of it, or is it time to sign up for the sailing challenge that you've been putting off for ages, now that the kids have left home!

It's time to take the jump my friend go for it! If it feels too scary, use the Mel Robbins 5 seconds method. Instead of thinking about the pain of going through the change think about what you will gain from it? 
I know what holds you back is the fear of the unknown, the risk is worth taking though. Taking action will gear everything into a new direction and bring new opportunities, give you a different outlook on life and show that you're capable of much more than you ever imagined!

Share in the comments what change you will embrace in 2018!

Rachel xx

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