Dance Style Portraits

 I was about six years old when my aunt who knew the local dance teacher, took me to my first dance lesson, it feels like a million years away now, but it was the beginning of a new journey for me. We rarely listened to music at home, or danced! Starting dance lessons, taught me rhythm, gave me incredible encounters with musicians I had never heard of like Satie or Chopin, developed not only my ability to dance but also my creativity learning to put a project together from the first idea to the realisation.

DanceStylePortraits. Bringback the childhooddream.jpg

All the girls in the class, we had this fascination with dance, even more so as our teacher's much younger sister was the attraction of the course, we're all in awe in front of her and believed that she would become a dancer one day. She initiated us to the Palais Garnier Opera House in Paris and "Les Petits Rats" is how we used to call the students of the Opera Dance School. I can tell you now, she didn't become a dancer, but fuelled our very vivid desire for perfection, with the aim to become as good as her. At the time I didn't understand that not everyone had the same flexibility as she did, and kept thriving to improve in class, believing I could become a great dancer. 

It never happened, but these lessons certainly taught me a lot in developing a taste for music and creating, developing ideas while thinking about new shows we were putting on for Christmas and the end of school year. I even took on a photography project at school documenting my dance class with slides photographs.

I all had forgotten about the dance stuff until recently, going to the Portraits Masters Conference where one of the photographers explained how she combined her love of dance into photography and I was hooked. 

I've started to add some dance style portraits to my portfolio, what's the difference between a dance style and dance portraits? A dance style portrait is for everyone, not just dancers, you might still have this dance dream at the back of your mind and would love to be portrayed and photographed as a dancer, these portraits are for you. 

If you are a working dancer then it would be more than just dance portraits which also means more moving around and working within safe conditions. 

If you know anyone that would be delighted by the idea of being photographed in a dance style or you still have this very vivid dream of dance being a part of who you were growing up, complete the dream photoshoot form to start working on this dream project.