A tour guide of Colmar places to visit in the old town

Colmar, France places to visit in the Old Town

Colmar is one of the main cities in Alsace. It is located next to the German border in North-Eastern France on the main road between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, surrounded by vineyards and the very picturesque wine road.

It is hard not to fall in love with the quaint town of Colmar. This town has a friendly atmosphere, which you can feel as soon as you enter it. The old part of this beautiful city still retains that “village scene” sense. Visitors will see how these qualities have been maintained over time by looking around at all the flowers displayed on window sills, along riversides and other places throughout this vibrant place! If travelling from Strasbourg, then be sure to take one side trip off for some wine tasting before continuing your drive back because many excellent roads are leading to vineyards.

The little Venice or Petite Venise

Colmar is a condensed version of the Alsace region with canals, half-timbered houses and cobblestoned streets; the secret to enjoying this beautiful landmark on your own is to start early. Colmar is a tourist hotspot, so you won’t be alone paving these magical surroundings. The Little Venice is the gem of Colmar. A unique way to see Colmar is by its waterway on a flat bottomed boat (just like in Venice). The area is well indicated and easy to find; take some time to wander along the river and walk along with the River Lauch for a whole panorama over the half-timbered houses.

Colmar, France, the Little Venice
Colmar The Little Venice, Colmar la Petite Venise
Colmar The Little Venice, Colmar la Petite Venise

The fishmongers district – Quai de la Poissonière

The fishmonger’s district (Quai de la Poissonerie) in Colmar is where professional fishermen and boatmen lived. In 1706, a massive fire destroyed more than forty houses of this area, but renovations were made from 1978-1981, which helped restore many half-timbered homes to their original state! The old buildings have been beautifully restored with splashes of colours that make them stand out against the Alsatian landscape.

Colmar the Fishmongers District, Colmar France quai de la Poissonerie

The Tanners District – Rue des Tanneurs

The tanner’s district is a popular tourist destination, not just for its architecture but also because of its history. The tanners’ houses were primarily built in the 17th and 18th centuries by families working and living there. They had openwork designs to ventilate drying skins on the upper floors. The large bloom of geranium along the river Launch makes the district even more enchanting during the Spring and Summer months. 

Colmar Rue des Tanneurs, Colmar France Tanners’ District

The indoor market – Marché Couvert

For an authentic taste of France, nothing beats shopping for fresh produce at the indoor market. Built-in 1865 by architect Louis-Michel Boltz, this architectural marvel is constructed with brick and stone.

It’s small, but fresh food and meats on display make it worth going inside. Of course, you can also pick up some bread and pastries from the bakery for breakfast or lunch! But, of course, the presentation of all this great-looking produce make you want to buy everything!

Don’t just stop in the old town. Colmar is the perfect size town for walking around the old colourful houses, lots of lovely shops and restaurants to explore.

Colmar Marché Couverts, Colmar France Indoor Market

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