Don't be afraid to claim your place into the world

Don't be afraid to claim your place into the world

It’s September it might be time to do a bit of refocusing. I recently realised that I didn’t have enough of a personal voice. Even though I made considerable progress in the last few years about expressing myself, be more upfront and not afraid to say no, I feel there is still some leeway to get even more personal, sharpen my voice in my photography, personal life and in the world.

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I do wish that I had known earlier where I wanted to stand out into the world and put myself first instead of trying to be nice and please others not following my call. It can take a very long time, to finally step up to your true nature, having a fire burning inside and holding back because you don't trust yourself, are scared of being judged as foolish or insane!

Yes, it takes courage to step up to who you are and find your voice. I command you not to wait for the perfect moment to follow your real passion, your desire to make a difference in the world. Stop judging yourself. I wish for every woman wanting to stand up for a specific cause and keeping silent because she fears it is not the right thing to do, to step forward and make herself accountable, own it and do it now!

No more time to lose, this your time, whatever your age 20, 30, 50, 60 and more. Your situation, feeling that you should be the best mother in the world before you can step forward, should be married, have a prosperous career, drive a Mercedes SLK, own a Birkin bag, stop being so harsh on yourself and go for it, step up, do what feels right for you!

We only tend to regret what we have not tried, and we rarely regret being stupid or ridiculous for trying a new challenge. Forget the judgement, and if you don't try, you will unfortunately never know if it was the right thing for you. That is why I command you, to leave the bags of negative beliefs in the closet and step up as a new woman, oozing confidence, ready to fight for what you believe in and ready to make a difference. The world out there needs you! Are you prepared for it?

Rachel xx