Celebrating her 50th Birthday with a photo shoot

Sonja, is a fitness guru and a well being expert so she knows a thing or two how to look after yourself and herself! 

She will be celebrating her 50th birthday this July and wanted a photo shoot to celebrate this milestone. The mood for the shoot would be a bit Cannes Film Festival, with elegant red carpet dresses and a bit film noir. 

To create a story we opted to do the photo shoot in a hotel room this would give us an intimate setting for the shoot and more cinematographic that just using a plain backdrop. For this type of shoot, a good makeup artist and hair stylist is key, it will not only make you feel good but give you the confidence to stand in front of the camera.

All the planning was done before the shoot, we shared ideas with a secret Pinterest mood board to give me an idea of the mood Sonia was after for her images. She had a very defined idea about the clothes she wanted to use for the shoot and did not need much help but I will gladly assist you if you need help in selecting an outfit for a shoot,( refer to the what to wear for a photoshoot blog post here).

To create variety in the images I choose three different sets for each outfit to use in the room, a hotel room is not big but there are options to make it look like you're in different place with each outfit. The mood was joyous, fun and celebrating what being a woman is about. 

I hope you like the result! How will you celebrate your 50th? If all you've ever dreamed off is a photoshoot fill out the dream photoshoot form here!

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