Celebrate your beauty now

Celebrate your beauty now

How many time did I hear, "I can't stand myself in photographs, I hate myself in pictures, I have 20 pounds to lose".

Do you realise how harsh you're on yourself, you're your worst judge! If you spread this kind of message on a regular basis imagine what others will think of you? Got it?

Curvy girl portrait session

There is no denying that this life  isn't a rehearsal this is it my friend! Your one and unique life so what are you waiting to celebrate yourself, embrace who you are! Don't you think it's time?

I have to admit it can be heard to look in the mirror sometimes, thinking is this me? Comparing yourself to the latest celebrity craze won't help and perfection is out of reach, so give it up. I don't know what's going on at the moment but some people on TV had so much surgery and injections done they look like plastic dolls. I am not sure if they do realise how they look but they have lost something very precious in the process, themselves.

Plus size portrait session

I want to introduce you to Anna. Anna is not scared of stepping into her power,  showing the world who she and embracing her feminity. Anna is what you would call a curvy lady, but I don't really like that expression. When you see her in the photograph you're not focused on what she's not, you're focused on her power, her strength and how confident she is in her own skin. 

Plus size and curvy girls portrait session

I would love for you, whatever your size your age, to feel great about who you are, you might want to lose weight, look younger, but this is not something that you will be able to change right now. So why feel miserable hoping for something that isn't a reality yet? Why don't you embrace who you are, you, this amazing woman, celebrate your success, achievements and be grateful for everything that is happening in your life right now? Don't forget to live instead of being focused on the past or future. This is it! Your time is now! How does that make you feel?  Great I hope!

Rachel xx

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