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Hone your personal style

Feeling stronger about who you're and how to want show off into the world, is a constant work of evolution. As we advance in age, there is a now or never urge, so if you've always been a punk art heart you should better embrace it now,

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"I sent you an invitation via email", it was that simple, thank you Audrey! 

For years I had never asked anything! didn't understand what having a supporting network meant. I thought asking for help was being a failure and I was supposed to succeed by myself. I've finally realised that working with a team, having a supporting networking is key to move forward in life and in your business.

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Learning to Dress for yourself, finding your unique style

How do you do deal with a sense of losing yourself when you don't exactly know what your dress sense is or should be? When was the last time you've asked yourself, I am wearing this skirt or dress, because I feel this is really me? I guess this is not the type of questions that you would ask yourself every day it is worth asking, though. 

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