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Your Dream Photoshoot In Paris

Today I’m super excited to introduce the Paris Dream Photoshoot. This is a once in a life time experience, a photoshoot taking place in front of Paris famous landmarks, imagine being photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Alexandre III Bridge, The Louvre, Montmartre a Paris flat.

This photoshoot is for you to have an amazing experience and images to celebrate for a lifetime. You might plan a Paris trip to celebrate your wedding anniversary, an important milestones in your life, you love Paris Chic and always dreamed of being photographed in Paris.

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How to take great portraits

Portraits are a fantastic way to capture the spirit and personality of a loved one. Yet despite how easy the professionals make it look, taking portraits requires a bit more preparation to be successful. To help you transform your amateur headshots into high quality portraits, I’ve put together a list of useful hints and suggestions that you should take into account.

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The Magic of a Mood board to help you decide what a successful portrait session means for you

I understand that making the decision of booking a portrait session is not what you have in mind right now, if ever you do though take control and decide how you want to be photographed, how much make up you want to wear, the type of clothes. You are in control! What you want when you look at the pictures is recognise yourself but also have a glimpse of the woman you didn't know existed inside you! 

The magic of a moodpboard to help you decide what a successful photoshoot means for you.

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What to wear for your photo shoot?

The big question! It’s one of the questions that I receive most on a phone consultation for your photo shoot. Let’s admit it, clothes are much more than clothes, they’re about self-expression, who you are and what you stand for!

Let’s put your mind at ease first; there’s no right or wrong decision when choosing an outfit for your photo shoot, it’s always great to keep in mind what you want to express, the mood, the vibe. You might already have some specific outfits in mind. One of my clients had selected gorgeous, colourful and vibrant silk dresses from a designer who’s philosophy is 'beauty is dressing women by listening to their soul and stirring their passion', that’s just wonderful don’t you think?

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How to customise your portrait photo shoot

You're ready to take a step towards celebrating yourself and it deserves to be a great experience for you and the one you've chosen to create the gorgeous portraits for you and your loved ones.  

You have some ideas, but you’re lost and not sure where to begin. Here’s an outline that'll help you get started:

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My goals for 2017 Creating a difference for you!

We're well in 2017, I can't believe that I will reach 53 this year! This makes me even more determined to continue my effort to make it BIG. I feel privileged and grateful to have a job that I love and even more so being able to make a difference in your life, creating wonderful memories for your loved ones and unique images for your brand.  In 2017 I want to continue offering you a way to keep your dream afloat, with an opportunity to make your dream photo shoot to reality. What I have on offer: 

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Photography Books to inspire you

How do keep your inspiration afresh when stepping into the creative world. Every day we are bombarded with lots of information our facebook feed comes with wonderful images, everyone seems to have a tonne of followers and you are just trying to sail through reality, learning as much as you can from others but is it all just noise?  That's where you might want to add some discipline, into your creative process,

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