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Why Exist in Photographs?

We don't wake up one morning saying "today I will have my portrait taken!" We rather tend to avoid the camera as we get older, finding every excuse no to show ourselves, not even thinking about what it means to exist in photographs.

So what does exist in photography mean? I encourage you to step in front of the camera, embracing the women who you are and creating images for your loved ones for them to cherish for the years to come.

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Age is just a number not a reason to hide from the camera!

For most women stepping in front of the camera seems like the biggest challenge, but why? There's a lot of reason I could list here, using celebrities as a reference, thinking I will never look this good in photographs, I am too old, too fat, I want to loose 20 pounds... Forget about the censorship whose deciding about setting these criteria anyway? 

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A portrait is more than just an image it's your personal story

I recently made a call via Instagram about getting more woman over 50 in front of my camera. There's the misconception that only women of a certain age should be photographed? A big joke right? 
I don't agree at all with this idea. 

For me, beauty shines through the confidence of standing in front of the camera, the best use of light and feeling great in your skin.

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A portrait session to celebrate the Unique YOU

I know you're not going to wake up one day and say hey honey, I'm just going to pop to  the studio today to have my portrait taken, I've got so much to celebrate. It will not happen like I know. 

What will happen is that one day you will want to celebrate the amazing you, will come a moment where you say? What about me? It's not about being selfish it's about valuing yourself through an amazing experience, creating a legacy and telling a bit of your story with portraits that say something about you.

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Celebrate your beauty now

How many time did I hear one of you saying, I can stand myself in photographs, I hate myself in pictures, I have 20 pounds to lose.

Do you realise how harsh you're on yourself, you're your worst judge! If you spread this kind of message on a regular basis imagine what others will think of you? Got it?

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My Best London Spots For your Couple photo shoot

You're planning to spend a few days in London for a very special celebration, just the two of you, you will be staying 2 nights in a gorgeous boutique hotel in Notting Hill, you have planned this trip for ages. You just realised that this short London escapade would be the perfect excuse to step in front of the camera with your lover, it would be the perfect pretext to make him part of the shoot and invite him into the story rather than just posing in front of a camera. 

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A Lady in Red

When I asked Barbara how she dreamed to be photographed she mention one thing Red! 

I have to admit I am red colour lover, it is such strong and powerful colour you sure will get noticed wearing red and Barbara knows what she's talking about as she is a clothing stylist and helps people make the right first impression with their clothes. 

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A couple photoshoot in London

The London Portrait experience is a boutique experience set in London or close by Cities like Oxford, Cambridge, or Brighton for jet setters visiting from abroad. 

The couple photoshoot I'm introducing here did not take place in a studio. The focus here is on London and celebrating your love, engagement what ever special bond you want to celebrate when visiting London.

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I have started to add some dance style portraits to my portfolio, what's the differnece between a dance style and dance portraits. A dance style portrait is for everyone, not just dancers, you might still have this dance dream at the back of your head and would love to be portrayed and photographed as a dancer, these portraits are for you. 

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A Playful Portrait Session

A portrait session,  is more than just you standing in front of the camera. To create beautiful portraits with images that you will love it is key to understand your dream photoshoot. 

  • Why - do you want to be photographed 
  • Who - Who do you want to be photographed with, a loved one, your families, or your best friends? 
  • How - This is where we develop your story, what do you want to tell, communicate in your portraits?

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Celebrating her 50th Birthday with a photo shoot

Sonia, is a fitness guru and a well being expert so she knows a thing or two how to look after yourself and herself! Sonia will be celebrating her 50th birthday this July and wanted a photo shoot to celebrate this milestone. The mood for the shoot would be a bit Cannes Film Festival, with elegant red carpet dresses and a bit film noir. 

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Francesca's portrait photo shoot as a sort of therapy to celebrate herself

I came across Francesca during a very informal network meeting where the host had invited all the members to her home, to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Hubdot. Standing very close to each other listening to the talk, we introduced ourselves only to discover that we were living just a few houses doors away from each other. 

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