How to Improve Your Online Visibility by Working with a PERSONAL BRANDING Portrait Photographer

Do you need help to be more visible online? In today’s world, everyone knows they need a website in some shape or form and show their face on it. But it’s not just about having a face on the internet. It’s about how you share who they are, their brand values and their message. Often this means getting the help of a personal branding photographer who will help you share your story with on-brand visual content. Knowing what to convey in your images to create engagement and help you gain trust from clients to help you develop your business

Showing yourself online will help your audience to put a face on your content, giving them the idea that you are directly speaking to them by creating a sense of connection. In addition, make it easier for them to identify with you, your style and what you are about.

Ask yourself or ask around, how do you currently come across in your images? Decisions are made quickly. It will take as little as 7 seconds for someone to decide if they want to work with you. So make the right first impression.

Meet Sarah from LM Wellness! Sarah is a wellness and fitness coach.

In her words, “Sarah’s philosophy for true wellness does not focus on just fitness, or nutrition or therapy. Instead, Sarah believes that a combination of tools is needed for a healthy mind, body and soul, and a state of balance in each area is required.”

Sarah wanted more online visibility. She wanted images true to herself, her style and her personality. Ideas that would feature how she is helping her clients through personal training and finding the perfect balance between body and mind.

A lot of preparation work goes into a personal branding photography session. What is key is to understand who you are, your style, your brand and your ideal audience. This prep work will help you create engagement and connection with your perfect client. Communicate who you are and how you are the best person to solve their problems.

I worked with Sarah, starting from her brand, understanding her business and purpose, to create a story explaining a client’s journey from when they decided to work with her. The idea was for prospective clients to get to know and connect with her even before they met.

On the session day, we had great fun working together, as the location and sequence were already planned, and the stress of standing in front of a camera was kept to a minimum.

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