A Couple Photo shoot in London


You have planned your trip to London, and one thing that is paramount for you is to come back home full of beautiful images, unforgettable memories of places, laughs and gorgeous food. One thing you have forgotten, what about you two? Will it just be a few selfies here and there asking your lover to film you on the streets of London? What about you enjoying the London trip and coming home with legacy images that you will remember forever? Come with me behind the scenes of an epic London couple photoshoot with Audrey and Johnny, where I discuss how we planned and created their London photoshoot.


We have a conversation to discuss how you want to be styled and photographed, the look, and the outcome. What do you want out of this photoshoot? Do you want an album of some beautiful wall art? What will you do with your images?

We’ll discuss the outfits, makeup, hairstyles, and location beforehand so you get a truly bespoke experience. And if you’d like to book a hairstylist and makeup artist for your shoot (at your hotel), no problem!

With my experience, I can scout your locations before the shoot and create a schedule for it. So you don’t have to worry about where we will be going, where to get changed etc… We will discuss it during our initial consultation two weeks before the shoot.

Photoshoot for couples in London
A London Photoshoot for a very hype couple


Planning for your photoshoot, you’ll want to be mindful of what to wear. Think about outfits ahead and coordinate. If possible, coordinate with your partner and keep similar styles, like the same colour palette. I strongly recommend keeping a glam look for the first half of the session, then transitioning to smart casual attire at the end of the session. We will schedule a time to change outfits. I can arrange for a cab to get changed in and store your outfits if necessary.


The location will vary on the type of images that you want. Is it essential for you to be photographed in front of London’s most famous landmarks, or would you prefer to choose the backgrounds of elegant houses in London? Again, we will discuss this during the styling consultation, and I will give you my recommendations. I have been shooting on locations in London for your years and have a list of gorgeous sites for you.

What to expect from your London Couple photoshoot


What a great question! When we think about couples photoshoots, we mostly think of Paris, but London has a lot of hidden gems and is the perfect location for that very English vibe and elegant cream houses building. London has been my home for over twenty years now. I still have so much to uncover from this fantastic city. When someone is bored with London, they are bored of life (the saying says!). You can’t go wrong with London photoshoots. There are so many gorgeous locations to choose from, the Thames Pathway, Westminster, Notting Hill, and St Pauls, to name a few.

Behind the scenes of a London Couple Photoshoot


As we planned everything well ahead, you won’t have to worry about anything on the day of your London Photoshoot. 

What about posing? No worries, I’m here to coach you and guide you in front of the camera. Imagine this London couple photoshoot as a stroll with your partner in London, having the moment of your life, having fun, laughing and me as your photographer to create beautiful memories.

What if my partner hates being photographed. 

I haven’t met many couples where the partner is full of enthusiasm to be photographed. They usually do it to please their partner. But it doesn’t mean that they will not have any fun. The key is to involve them in preparation for them to understand where we’re going and what they will get out of it.

The photo shoot doesn’t usually last more than 3 hours, including moving between locations, getting changed, and the photoshoot itself. By experience, I know that being photographed for 2 hours is a maximum not to go beyond.

We don’t want to pose.

I always imagine my couple’s photoshoot in London as an editorial and telling a story. I want you to have a conversation with your partner. I will ask you to walk, move, and dance. Some images will be more posed than others, but they will still be part of the flow and tell a story rather than just being static.

What if the weather is impossible

Be prepared. I always check the weather forecast before a shoot. And will postpone it to a more suitable day during your stay. Another alternative will be to choose locations protected from the rain, starting in your hotel room. If everything fails, we will discuss choices and options, including refunding your deposit.

London Couple Photographer
London Couple Photographer


We will set up a viewing and ordering session about a week after the photo shoot, where I will present you the selection of the photoshoot and where you can choose your favourite images, buy an album, a folio box or other wall art. You will get the digital files straight after payment. After that, your products will be shipped by courier directly to your home. It will take a bit longer and can take up to 3 weeks, but it will be worth the wait, trust me!

Remember to dream big and make it happen for both of you. The essential ingredients are having fun, enjoying the process, and returning home with stunning images you will remember forever. So grab your lover or partner by the hand, and let me create your special London photoshoot.

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