This Year Make Yourself a Promise Be More YOU!

This Year Make Yourself a Promise Be More YOU!

2019 is here! Don’t tell me already?? I know I’ve got the same feeling, as we can’t change anything about it. Let’s stop moaning and get on with it! Make yourself a promise in 2019 to be more YOU!

What does it mean?

Have an honest look, write down the areas where you are not showing up for yourself. i.e. it could be in your relationship, your career, self-care, health, finances. It might be everything but choose one to start with. The idea is to have a closer look at what is not working for you, where you think you are letting yourself down, being too nice, too accepting and not speaking up for yourself.

i.e. if you choose self-care, consider how many times you’ve put yourself on the back burner, said yes when you wanted to say no because you’re so used to put others first, forgetting yourself in the process, feeling frustrated and slightly depressed. No wonder, where have you hidden yourself trying to fit in for so long?

This year make yourself a promise - be more you
Freedom is found when we let go of who we supposed to be and embrace who we really are

Is the pressure to be the perfect mother, wife, friend, too high? What have you been sacrificing reaching for perfection, whose standard is it anyway? Who set them for you? Did you? Have a close look at it, yes, and a second one.

Let go and find your way back to the real you. Who do you aspire to be, what does your ideal life look like, what would you say no to?

It took me a long time learning to say no, as I associated no with saying ‘I don’t love you’. No, is a powerful word, learn to say it more often, it will help you regain your identity, you can be polite, calm and say no, no need to show anger.

Beware of the guilt coming up when you say no, it's tricky, deceitful, your “big snooze” or ego as Jen Sincero calls it in her book - You are a badass - will take you on a guilt and shame trip. Not to avail stick to your ground, continue saying no. Choose to go to a yoga class rather than having breakfast with your friend, say no, you will be fine. Learn to put yourself first, everyone around you will benefit.

Remember on the airplane, when they ask you to put your oxygen mask first before fitting anyone else’s? It works for you as well. Look after yourself, develop a self-care routine, it could be lounging in a bath on Sunday evenings, go running or start working with a personal trainer, doing morning rituals.

When you feel stronger, fitter and more you, you will be strong enough to move mountains, support others around you and reach new goals that you never thought possible.

Now, take that first step towards the freedom of being more you in 2019 and start taking action.

What will you take action on to be more you in 2019?

Rachel xx