Age is no limit

Age is no limit

There seems to be a big wake up call among women over 50 these days, there’s a tremor about women over 50 setting up businesses, stepping into their power, I want to say finally!
I'm from the same generation, it took us a long time to step into our power and realise, that nothing would come our way if we wouldn’t work for it and make the change.

Age is not limit, your wake up call to keep moving and changing.

When I talk to other women about it, we realise that we were raised for duties, be the good mother, work and forgetting ourselves in the process, to suddenly wake up on the other side of 50 to realise this is it? Worried about have I left it too late?
No love you haven’t. I'm not going to say your dream of becoming an astronaut will come true, but most of your ideas are still in reach so go for it now, what are you waiting for?

To inspire you  - Here’s a list of women who are rocking it after 50 

  • Lorraine C. Ladish Founder of Viva Fifty a bilingual blog to create a community to enrich Women over 50s’ life.

  • Les Boomeuses ok this a blog in French but an excellent resource for inspiration if you can read French!

  • Vicky Archer a fashion blogger with a love of Paris and Provence.

  • Alison from the Boom biz helping women over 50 to set up a business

  • Tricia from Look Fabulous forever, launching a makeup brand for women over 50.

  • Frances featured in the portrait above with her daughter, who became a mode in her 80's!!

This weekend I had a browse through a programme on ITV called a 100 years younger in 21 days, the show aimed to take on eight celebrities and help them shift their lifestyle to alleviate the ageing process. The most inspiring member cast in the show was June Brown, 90 years old, still amazingly fit, practising yoga every day, a bad habit of 20 cigs a day and an attitude towards life of not being afraid trying new things. She put all the other contestants to shame and the best, she won, her brain age is decades younger than her real age, how amazing and inspiring is she?

Did you get the message loud and clear??

No excuse to give up just because you’ve hit, 50, 60, 70+, take one day at a time, keep fit, be curious, continue learning, set goals of where you want to be in the next 5, 10, 20 years, and every day, will be fantastic. 
Don’t forget to celebrate each new step you take. You’re amazing!

Rachel xx

PS. tell me in the comments how you're celebrating every new challenge you're taking on!