Age is just a number not a reason to hide from the camera!

Age is just a number not a reason to hide from the camera!

For most women stepping in front of the camera seems like the biggest challenge, but why? There's a lot of reason I could list here, using celebrities as a reference, thinking I will never look this good in photographs, I am too old, too fat, I want to loose 20 pounds... Forget about the censorship, whose deciding about setting these criteria anyway? 


There's no benchmark that should hold you back about existing in photographs, whatever your age like Susannah featured in this post, you are beautiful NOW. Peter Lindbergh photographing celebrities for the Pirelli Calendar has shown us the way freeing women from unattainable standards of beauty and be themselves. We're at an age where we should make the most of our time, celebrate and  enjoy ourselves not be worried about how we look?

How about being photogenic? I will tell you a secret, photogenic does not exist! A great portrait is made, there's more than just pressing a button to create a beautiful portrait, there's light, there's connection taking the time to know you during a consultation, understanding how you want to be photographed?

Giving you the opportunity to be photographed in gorgeous clothes and bringing a makeup artist on board will take the pressure off and transform the day into an amazing experience. I won't just let you hang in front of the camera; I will feature you at your best making you beautiful inside out by coaching and guiding you, creating amazing portraits for you and your loved ones with legacy prints.

Whatever is holding you back from standing in front of the camera, might be based about do's and don't, set by unrealistic standards! There's no reason to hide, it is time to show the world how amazing you are, don't you think? You don't have to be a celebrity to be photographed, I will give you the opportunity to be free to be yourself!


Have you been holding back from having a portrait done because you feel you’re not good enough to be photographed? Are you ready to take the plunge? Tell me more in the comments? Or get in touch via