HAVE A wonderful Holiday and Christmas BREAK

It’s Christmas already! How did that happen?? I am grateful for my family coming over from France for the second year in a row. This is quite a celebration, as family is one of my most important value. I am also celebrating having my oldest son with us! What feels special for you this Christmas?

Have a wonderful Christmas.jpg


No year is ever the same, this December I invite you to look at your successes from 2018, don’t tell me there’s nothing. Start writing down your list of achievements to celebrate. You can use a tool like Trello board to write about your personal and work life achievements. I love using Trello to set goals, if you like ticking boxes then you might enjoy the checklist tool, as well!

Start with writing down what you’re celebrating in your personal life, career, financial gains, health, new learnings, travel, love, relationships.

For 2019, I invite you to set up a Vision board to display on your computer’s screen saver. You can use Pinterest as an inspiration and then create the wallpaper in Canva.com, create a custom board sized for your laptop and phone wallpaper. This way you will look at it every day and tick off the celebrations of your dream board at the end of the year, looks exciting, doesn’t it?

Looking at your whole list of celebrations, you will quickly realise that 2018 wasn’t a year for nothing. You’ve loved, were loved, earned and saved money, went to gorgeous destinations, build up your health, your strength, started working with a personal trainer, took powerful decisions. What ever big or small, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

I'm here to remind you that nothing is for granted in this life, every treasured moment deserves dedication and mindfulness, we just tend to forget it, living hectic lives.

I also invite you to make the most of every moment during family gatherings this Christmas. I understand no family is perfect, mine certainly isn’t but I want to enjoy every moment I’ve got my mum, dad, brother, nephew, nieces and my family to be with.

Look at what you value most in life and make special moments for it. Learn to live in the present not just for Christmas but for longer.

This year though, I'm taking you on a mission to make the most of every moment of bliss this Christmas. Forget about the to-do list, the cleaning, the yoga classes, just focus on you spending time on what’s important for you, what you value most and making the most of it. Start working on a plan for 2019, don’t forget to take time off, though.

Be present, treat yourself, make yourself a priority, enjoy every moment this festive season what ever way you choose to celebrate it.

Be grateful for what you’ve got, write it done, why not making a daily gratitude ritual for 2019? I know it will be a challenge not to think about everything that’s bugging you at the moment! What you will gain from it though is priceless; treasured moments that will stay with you for life!

How does that sound?

I wish you a wonderful holiday, Christmas and a fantastic start for 2019. I will take a break from the Internet and look forward to connecting with you to make 2019 an amazing year for you!