A portrait session to celebrate the Unique YOU

A portrait session to celebrate the Unique YOU

I know you're not going to wake up one day and say hey honey, I'm just going to pop to the studio today to have my portrait taken, I've got so much to celebrate. It will not happen like that, I just know. 

What might happen is that one day, you will want to celebrate the amazing you, a moment will come where you say, what about me? It's not about being selfish, it's about valuing yourself through a fantastic experience, creating a legacy and telling a bit of your story with portraits that say something about you.

A portrait session to celebrate YOU

It's what Joanna's portrait photoshoot was all about. Joanna and I had been following each other on Facebook for some time. I knew that I wanted to photograph her and she was thinking the same; it just took time until it was the right moment for us to work together to create portraits celebrating her energy, feeling bold, confident and who she is at this time in her life.

I had already some ideas for Joanna's portrait, how I imagined her in front of the camera. We worked together on the styling; she had great items in her wardrobe that we could use for the shoot, we also had a great makeup artist on board, who understood mature skin.

A portrait photoshoot to flaunt your self confidence and boldness

We both wanted to celebrate her beautiful white hair and show the freedom and energy of letting your hair loose, even when you're not supposed to keep your hair long. I'm glad that long white and grey hair is becoming more mainstream these days as they tell such an inspiring story.

The portraits we created is a collaboration, a commitment between the subject and the photographer. You have to be willing to make an effort for it, for me to understand who you are, your personality and how you want to celebrate yourself. I'm not in your head and sometime what I will imagine for your portrait is not how you see yourself, so it's essential that we communicate and work together to create a story behind your portrait to create something of meaning that you will enjoy looking at every day!

Celebrate the freedom to be in you in a portrait

You're no ordinary person; your story is like no other, this is your chance, to celebrate the unique YOU, so make the most of this opportunity like Joanna, did. The results say a lot about her commitment, and intention in this photoshoot and this is what I am aiming for each portrait session. 

Rachel xx


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