A Playful Portrait Session

I always aim to make portrait photography session playful to get the best out of you. I understand how awkward and challenging it can feel to stand in front of the camera. I had my photo shoot, and despite thinking I was not nervous, I could feel the tension building up while I was sitting in the make up seat! I get you!

A portrait session is more than just you standing in front of the camera. To create beautiful pictures with images that you will love it is key to understand your dream photoshoot. 

Why - do you want to be photographed
Who - Who do you want to be photographed with, a loved one, your families, or your best friends? 
How - This is where we develop your story, what do you want to tell, communicate in your portraits?

For Tineka's portrait session glamour and elegance did not necessarily mean gold speck and pearls. Might you prefer the style of a pair of Louboutins red heels and black Burberry mac rather than bringing a sparkly dress? Whatever your choice, you want to make sure that it is about you! 

You can also add some fun, bring that gorgeous outfit that makes you feel like a celebrity and would love to wear more often, show your beautiful legs, remember how amazing you look!

How do you want to be photographed? Tell me in the comments