As one of the world’s most outspoken and recognisable fashion designers, Pauline Trigere’s status as a staple in the fashion industry is hard to ignore. Yet, Trigere’s 60-year career has primarily been swept under the rug of history. Despite her impeccable designs, she appears on a few lists of legendary designers. Perhaps even more surprising is how Trigere distanced herself from fame.

Pauline Trigere made a name for herself, being an innovator. She epitomised couture with her very own mark. Her creations are timeless and sophisticated, transcend time: and celebrate her iconic status within the fashion world. We want to look at one-of-a-kind garments she created during her lifetime. In this blog post, I share how I worked with Jessica, a personal stylist from New York, on her London branding photoshoot to create images for her brand, sharing her clients’ experience and celebrating Pauline’s Trigere designs legacy and attracting her ideal client.


Jessica travelled from New York with her Pauline Trigere outfits to spend a few days in London. It was the perfect opportunity for a styled photoshoot set in London and feature her favourite designs. I spoke with Jessica via Whatsapp beforehand to understand her vision for this project. We also met to explain what she could expect from our photoshoot and my vision. I discovered why she was so passionate about Pauline’s Designs. After graduating from the New-York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), she became the last apprentice working with Pauline Trigere and was on a mission to celebrate Pauline’s gown legacy through a styled branding photo shoot in London to have images for her research project about Pauline that she wants to turn into a book. We discussed the outfits she wanted to feature in London and suitable locations that would give her that Special London Vibe.

A London Personal Branding Photoshoot. Photography Rachel Vogeleisen, Styling by Jessica Vintage dress by Pauline Trigere, Quartz necklace Jade Chiu, D&G Sunglasses. Vintage Red Dress by Pauline Trigere, YSL Handbag, Jade Chiu Cuff Bracelets & Phoenix Ring, Mikimoto Pearl Necklace Vintage Blue Dress & Headscarf by Pauline Trigere, Alexander McQueen Shoes


We discussed numerous locations for her photoshoot. Notting Hill is one of my favourites and Westminster. But sometimes, you don’t have to look far to choose a location for your photoshoot. Take a walk around your hotel or Airbnb, to uncover the streets and buildings around it. Are there any landmarks that could work for your photoshoot?

Jessica stayed in a hotel near Gloucester Road station, not far from South Kensington and the Natural History museum. She even spotted a red telephone box and a London bus stop featuring the famous red London bus. Communicate your vision with your photographer when you plan a photoshoot on location. This will make a real difference in getting images that work for your brand and message.

When choosing a location, ask yourself What, Where, and Why. Working with Jessica, she wanted peculiar London landmarks in her images, like a red telephone box, a red bus, and London buildings, so her audience would automatically know where she was and share that unique London vibe. We could have gone to more locations, but it’s also essential to understand how long you would sustain being in front of the camera.

The worst is for you to get bored and fed up because it’s just too much, and this, as your photographer, is the last thing I want. Trust me. You will look bored in the pictures and will not remember your session as a great experience. So preparation, communication, and keeping it simple are essential. If you’re planning to create a lot of content for your brand, with images for social media and your marketing, plan your photoshoot over 2 days. Don’t try to cram too much into one day. Think about the value you will get from such a photoshoot instead of cutting corners.

London branding photoshoot for a personal stylist. Vintage Blue Dress & Head scarf by Pauline Trigere, Alexander McQueen Shoes


We planned the photoshoot around the outfits and the locations. I had asked Jessica to think ahead about her vision for the photoshoot and which outfit she wanted to use for each location. The challenge when working on a London location photoshoot is always where we can get changed.

They are a few options for you:

  • Either travel back to your hotel if the location we are working from is not too far.
  • Or book a private taxi where you can easily change inside and carry your suitcase with the various change of outfit.
  • It’s always something that I would discuss with you beforehand so you can rest your mind on the day of the photoshoot from being bugged down by practicalities. As Jessica said

“It was really fun working with you ”

This is the feeling I want you to walk away with after your London photoshoot with me.

This amazing styled branding photoshoot in London will help Jessica get closer to her goal of documenting Pauline Trigere’s legacy and attracting her ideal client.

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