A Lady in Red

A Lady in Red

When I asked Barbara how she dreamed to be photographed she mentioned one thing, in a red dress! 

I have to admit I'm a red colour lover too, it's so strong and powerful, you sure will get noticed wearing red. Barbara knows what she's talking about, she is a clothing stylist and helps people make the right first impression with their clothes. 

Barbara is a lady on a mission, nothing will stop her from learning new things, travelling the globe and challenging herself, she even learned to scuba dive!


The aim for her portrait was to create legacy for her family and have beautiful portraits to give her niece and nephew. She felt it was a wonderful opportunity to create something more meaningful than just business portraits and wanted something stylish with added glamour. Doesn't she look fabulous?

Rachel xx

PS. Is it time for you to step in front of the camera and create legacy for your loved ones. Do you think you're too old? I'm on a mission to show case more women in their 50s, 60s, 70s. If that's you or one of your loved ones? Do get in touch, book a free consultation or fill out the dream photoshoot form, together we will create beautiful images for you and your loved ones!