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7 Simple Steps you can take to go from every day to glam

The best thing about simplicity is that it doesn’t have to be frumpy, uninteresting or boring. Not every day will require a full face of makeup and hair done up in perfect curls – sometimes you just want the minimum effort with your appearance but still look elegant. I love the idea of having a go-to style that is laid back and easy to put together, without needing too much thought. It’s what I always go for when getting ready in the morning or trying on new pieces. I love simple things!

Here are seven of my favourite “simple things” that’ll put a smile on your face (tried and tested by me!)

1.Red lipstick

This is such an easy trick, if you’ve never tried before I highly recommend trying some red lipstick- it does wonders to bring out the feminine side).

You might want to try it on at a make up counter in your favourite department store. You could get the perfect colour match that way! If you like reds with dark pink tones, for example, consider buying one of those instead – they might be more flattering than the ones which have oranges tones in them. Treat lipstick as something precious anyway, invest in quality and keep some handy when you’re in need of instant glam.

2.Red nail varnish

I never thought I would wear red nail varnish when I was in my 20s, too sophisticated and serious. As time went on, though, it felt like a great way to add some sophistication into your style while still remaining comfortable with who you are as an individual. Again, if you are investing the money don’t hesitate to test the colour at the make up counter to find the right colour and it’s doesn’t have to be red, I love plum as a colour for my nails.

3. A pair of Louboutin shoes

I have to admit, this will break your bank account. From £425 a pair, consider buying them as an investment (the other option is ebay), it’s not a pair of shoes that you’ll wear every day – only for the days when you want to feel super glam and really special. You walk in them with a sense of elegance and grace, even if you’re just walking from the taxi to your restaurant table. Wearing stilettos is like giving yourself an instant confidence boost!

4.Black mascara

After trying navy blue, purple and brown mascara for a while I found myself drawn back to the basics. There’s nothing like black mascara when it comes to making my lashes look luscious!

5.Finding your signature scent

Do you have a perfume that’s always your favourite? Then this is the fragrance for you. I’ve fallen in love with it, so why not give it a try too! When it comes to perfume, I’ve always been a Dior girl. When Dolce Vita was first released in the early 90s, I fell in love with it. I have tried other fragrances in between but always came back to Dolce Vita it’s the one that gets me many compliments when wearing it. I will consider it as my signature scent, I have so many beautiful memories that go with that scent as well.

6. A Burberry Mac

The Burberry Mac is a pure classic after coveting one for years I have finally got myself one and it’s been the best thing ever. The moment you wear this, you’re embracing your elegant self and walking tall.

7. Be Confident

And even if you’re not, fake it till you make it. Being confident will make you glow. You can read my previous blog post about being confident here. We’re drawn to confidence like a moth to the flame. We want what they have, and it reassures us when we’re next to confident people because their stance is reassuring in itself.

Perhaps you’ve tried these “simple things” that made you feel more like a woman and confident too? Leave your top seven in the comments.


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