5 reasons to plan a day trip to Girona

5 Reasons to plan a day trip to Girona Spain

Girona is the perfect day trip from Barcelona or any other place on the Costa Brava. The city features gorgeous medieval walls, narrow streets, beautiful squares and a fantastic river bank. It was recently made famous through the series Game of Throne.

How to get there?

Girona is only 100km from Barcelona you can take the high-speed train which will connect you in only 40 minutes. Take the train in the morning to come back to Barcelona in the evening.

Places to visit

1.Onyar River View A Colourful Riverside

I was very much taken by the view over the River. The colourful buildings, the sinuous river bank. Even more surprising, did you know that one of the bridges over the River was built by Eiffel? Neither did I. The houses between the bridges Pont de Pedra and Pont de Feliu look like they’re coming out of fantasy land. Build in the 19th century with different colours and shapes give it an edgy look.

2.Walk up The Steps Of The Cathedral Saint Mary

Girona’s Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral of Saint Mary Girona, is one of the city’s highlights; you can’t miss it. It’s prominent in Girona’s old cityscape. Built between the 11th and 18th centuries, it includes the architecture of different styles from Romanesque to Baroque. It’s perched on the top of a hill. Climb the stairs to the entrance to get a scenic view of the city. The Cathedral was filmed in series six of Game of Thrones. I have never seen the series, to be honest, but if you are a fan, you will undoubtedly recognise it.

3.A Walk along the Medieval Walls

The Passeig de la Muralla will take you on tour around the city. It’s the perfect viewpoint to have a panoramic view over the old and new town. The Roman walls were extended during the Middle age, and some sections are the longest Carolingian walls in Europe. Make the most of the various vantage points from the towers on the walkway.

4.The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter, also known as “El Call,” is part of the old town. It’s a maze of narrow cobblestones lanes and stone walls. It is one of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in the world, where Jews lived between 982 and 1492. It is symbolic to the city in terms of architecture and history. The museum relating the Quarter’s history is located at Centre Bonastruc ca Portas was also the last synagogue in the town.

5.Placa Independencia

Place Independenca Girona
Place Independencia Girona

Or Independence Square is the beating heart and largest square of the old city. The perfect place to chill out, stop for lunch or coffee or just stop the time and watch the passerby. The painted yellow walls give it that typical Mediterranean vibe. Did you know that the place was occupied by a Convent and the Gardens of Sant’Agusti? Me neither. Maybe that is why the site feels so serene? The building was confiscated in 1835, and the architect Marty Sureda DeLaval worked on a new urbanisation project for the square.

I had never thought of visiting Girona before but being so close to Barcelona, it would be a shame not to plan a day trip to Girona. There are many tours you can book or just decide to wander around the city on your own. Whatever you do, you will fall under the charm of that city.
Which area would you like to visit the most in Girona? Share in the comments.

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