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5 reasons to book a portrait session

You’re finally ready to book a portrait photoshoot have to have portraits that you love and share with your loved ones. But somehow you feel this looks pretty vain. Why should I have any portraits of myself? I usually hate to see myself in pictures. I get you, as women, we tend to put others first and think twice before we invest money in ourselves. In this post, I give you five reasons to finally book your portrait photoshoot.

1. I’ve got something special to celebrate for my portrait session

You’ve just achieved a significant milestone in your life, lost weight, reached the big 30, 40, 50 or 60+, something big that deserves a celebration about the woman you are! A way to celebrate this significant milestone is by creating a keepsake of beautiful portraits of yourself. Portraits like you, fun, bold, confident, enjoying every bit of the next step in your life. 

2.I want portraits for my business that don’t look boring.

I get you on this one! You’re after an editorial-style business portrait for your business profile, rather than a headshot. You want portraits that communicate who you are, that you can use for your social media profiles, PR features, and your website, that aligns with your brand and are so stunning you will want to hang them on your wall, and you know what you’re right! Forget the headshot; personal branding photography is more stylish, more magazine editorial, it’s more YOU. My speciality is to create modern business portraits that will uplift your brand.

3. I want stylish, bold, black and white boudoir photos

A boudoir session allows you to see yourself like never before and empower you through the experience. You are in the driving seat of how much flesh you want to show and will be in a safe environment to do so.

What I offer is beyond the portrait and more about the person aka YOU. It’s all about giving you a way to reconnect with the woman you are. Sometimes you need more than a traditional portrait for that. You want to embrace your body, and your curves, celebrate your femininity, feeling liberated and free. I’ve got exactly that for you! It’s called Noir Indulgence.

4. I want to reconnect with who I am

All these years you’ve lost yourself, doing things by the book, putting others first and forgetting yourself in the process, only seeing a glimpse of the real you here and there? It’s time for you to celebrate the woman you are and move on to your next milestone! I bring you the wonderful story of Francesca, who thought that she has lost her sparkle and got it back in front of the camera. It was always there she just didn’t see it anymore.

5. I want to be photographed in front of the Eiffel tower

London or Paris might be the perfect background for our photoshoot and celebrate YOU by featuring a story in the city that you love.

Ready for a photoshoot?

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