10 reasons why Notting Hill is my favourite location for portraits photoshoot in London

London is a city of many faces and even more corners. It’s not easy to find the perfect place for your portrait photoshoot in London, but if you are looking for something different from Westminster or Tower Bridge, Notting Hill would be my recommendation. This charming neighbourhood has so much to offer: from elegant Georgian houses with gardens to chic cafés where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while letting the time go by. The streets are full of life and creativity – there is always inspiration around the corner waiting just for you! Here are my ten reasons why Notting Hill is my favourite location for London Portraits Photoshoot

1.It’s central

London is a vast city, and it can take hours to travel from one side to the other. If you’re staying in a hotel in central London, Notting Hill is a perfect location to travel to. It’s on the Central and District tube line which cross London from West to East. You can easily reach Notting Hill by taxi without spending a fortune. Everyone knows Notting Hill.

London Stanley Crescent blooming cherry tree

2.There’s a plethora of elegant Georgian houses

If you want elegant London homes as a backdrop for your portrait photoshoot, you will find these in

  • Stanley Crescent
  • Kensington Park Gardens
  • Landsdowne Crescent
  • Chepstow Villa
  • Pembridge Square

3.There’s a plethora of colourful houses

You are spoilt for choice with streets featuring colourful houses and doors

  • Denbigh Terrace
  • Colville Terrace
  • Elgin Crescent
  • Hillgate Place
  • Farm Place
  • Jameson Street

4.You can shoot in the park

For your portrait photoshoot, you want a variety of backdrops. Being in Notting Hill, you’re very close to Kensington Gardens, which features gorgeous locations like the Italian Gardens or Holland Park, which displays beautiful Wisteria and Rhododendron when they are in blossom.

5.There’s a few coffee shops you can use as a backdrop and scenes setting

Don’t forget to ask permission to photograph on their premises first!


  • Eggbreak
  • The Farm Girl
  • Biscuiteer (outside).

6. Flowers at the local flower shops to use as props

I have used Nikki at Wild at Heart and bought peonies as props for my personal branding photoshoot. I recently discovered

  • Nikki Tibles Wild at Heart on Westbourne Grove
  • Harper & Toms Flowers on Elgin Crescent
  • Bloom house on Ladbroke Grove

Flowers are always great props to use in a portrait photoshoot just make sure you buy them for the last section of your photoshoot so they don’t look wilted.

7.There’s a location for every style

Are you more of a quirky girl with a strong style or more of an elegant missy? Whatever your style, you will find a location background that suits your style.
For solid colours, background walls and doors, choose Portobello Road, Coleville Terrace, Tavistock Road, Elgin Crescent, Lancaster Road, Westbourne Park Road.

8. St Luke’s mews

It’s one of the most picturesque streets in London, and it was featured in Love Actually. Remember Kiera Knightley in the Christmas scene? This street is becoming super popular, and you might have to wait your turn or start your portrait photoshoot super early.

9. Lovely coffee shop and places to eat to have a break

Shooting a London portrait photoshoot on location demands some flexibility and places to wind down. There are some gorgeous places to have a drink, a snack or have lunch in the area.

10. Portobello Road

Portobello road is worth a visit on itself lots of independent shops where you might find very special props for your London Portrait photoshoot, atypical shops, an antique and clothing market these are some of the most famous street markets dating back to the 19th century perfect for your treasure hunt and bring back unique pieces from your London stay.

What is your London favourite location where would like to be photographed in London for a portrait photoshoot? Let me know! I want to hear from you. Comment below and tell me what your favourite place in the city of London is, or if there are any particular landmarks that have special meaning to you. Or let us know which landmark has captured your heart on Instagram so we can find it too!

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