10 Life Lessons by Cindy Crawford to get your mojo back celebrating yourself with a photoshoot

10 Life Lessons by Cindy Crawford to get your mojo back

1- Take nothing for granted.

This is one I apply to myself! Where ever you’re in life, nothing is for granted; you have to work at whatever you’ve got. Get out of your comfort zone, you might think I am in a wonderful place right now! Enjoy it, make the most of it, and don’t let yourself get slumberous by shimmering sparkles. There’s always more to learn, and areas to progress in; life is a constant movement, don’t be afraid to move if you are in a not-so-happy place either.

2-It’s important to be strong, but it’s okay to vulnerable

Growing up as the oldest child with two younger siblings and very busy entrepreneur parents overwhelmed by growing a business, I’ve learned to deal with it and not ask for help. To the point of having a tendency to push myself into overload and being at risk of burnout. I’ve learned this one the hard way! It’s ok to ask. Learn to make a call for help, no one can read your mind!

3- Life isn’t a fairytale

It took me a while to come to a grasp on this one. Watching too many romantic comedies, troubled love French movies and believing they were happy ever after! Made me believe that you didn’t have to work at a relationship. Coming to terms with reality felt like a hard landing. You’ve to put effort into your relationship to work the distance, learn to compromise, and accept that there is nothing wrong with arguments. Make sure you stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up if the relationship isn’t working for you. As in point one, communication is essential, again your partner can’t guess your thinking, so tell him how you feel and what you want from him!

4-Know your truth

We can be very vulnerable to what others think of us. The positive about getting older is that you also learn to not give a damn! If someone thinks you’re not good enough, too fat, too thin, too old. Ask yourself if is this true for you. This is not your reality but theirs. Believe in yourself and move on. This is their issue, not yours.

5-Be ready when you decide to put yourself second (or third!)

The most gruelling time you will have to learn to put yourself second or third is when you start a family. You might have a husband who wants to stay at home and look after the kids. Biologically, you’ll still be the one who can breastfeed, though. With a suckling child at your breast, you’ll have to learn to set priorities. I’ve chosen to put myself third for the past 18 years, it wasn’t easy. It was my choice, though. Now that my kids are older, I am ready to come back centre stage and conquer the world!

6-Balance your life (at least try to)

Juggling a family, a partner, one or two businesses? I know all too well where you’re standing. You won’t be able to handle everything in balance. Get help, you might have tasks in your business that you consider a chore, accounting, or admin. Delegate all the tasks that you hate or don’t have expertise in. Give most of your time to what matters, your loved ones. Dedicate time together, and don’t forget to allocate some me time!

7- Know when to say no

Seven relates to point six. There is only so little time available in a day! As a business owner, you might get a lot of solicitation, be invited to events, take part in talks as a speaker, get a request for help and do work for free. To stay at the top of your herd, only say yes to what makes your heart jump, where you feel getting involved is making a difference and in line with your mission and message.

8-Photography is an art

I’ve to admit that Cindy’s affirmation feeds my inner smugness. Boudoir Photography and photography, in general, is so much more than pressing a button. Your boudoir portraits are a clever piece of thinking. The light, the interaction, the makeup, the styling, and the location, like in a cooking recipe, will be the elements of creating a great dish. There’s constant learning being a boudoir photographer. For years I resisted using studio lighting because I dimmed myself as a “natural light photographer” when I look back, it was rather immature thinking. Learning about lighting has been my biggest challenge, but also took my boudoir photography to amazing new levels, from mew to wow!

9- When Life blindsides you, find a teachable moment

Like me, you’ve probably gone through a few hardships. I remember how I used to feel down after being rejected for high-status jobs that I applied for. I now understand why I did not get this job, didn’t fit the mould, and would have been bored after 2 months. It took me a while to understand that fear was holding me back from fully embracing what I’ve always wanted to do, being a photographer.

10-Have no regrets

Make the most of your life, fully embrace it, and love yourself!

Do you have any life lessons you would love to share?

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