How it all got started 


I am originally from Alsace the Eastern border of France and Germany, a region with two cultures, a mix of French and Germanic cultural background, a lot of influences (Hungarian, Swedish), a crossroad of European routes. I was fascinated by photography from an early age and used to love browsing through my grandmother's shoe boxes, full of old family photographs searching for my past.


For years photography took a backstage role in my life. After years of giving up, I finally gave it some serious consideration, I quit my job and went to study for an MA in Fine Art Photography. The rest is history!


My mission


You can’t imagine how long it took me to realise that I loved photographing people. The truth is, I was too shy to photograph people!


Why people? You’ve got a story, you are unique. My mission is to show the best version of yourself, make you look at your best in front of the camera, true to who you are, these images will remind you of the great things you can accomplish and celebrate YOU.